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The Benefits of Using Videos in Your Trade Show Display

A report provided by the Nielsen Company in July of 2016 indicated that people spend, on average, just over 10 hours a day looking at various forms of media, including video. This report confirms what, perhaps, seems obvious: That technology in the form of screens possesses a unique ability to capture our attention.

While the wisdom of spending so much time in front of a screen is a matter of debate, the usefulness of screens and, in particular, video, to trade show exhibits, is not. Providing videos as part of your trade show exhibit design is an effective way to boost the success of your booth. And, the smart use of videos in your trade show booth display can do more for you than simply get people to look your way in a crowded exhibit hall.


Check out the following ways in which videos can boost your trade show success.

1. Garnering Interest in the Trade Show Exhibit

There are a number of reasons that videos are a widely recommended, and utilized, tool in trade show exhibits. Perhaps the biggest reason, however, is that they garner attention and build interest in the midst of a busy exhibit hall.


With a cacophony of voices, signs, and colors demanding attention, it is easy for people to overlook even well-designed trade show exhibits. There is simply too much information blending together for attendees to differentiate every booth from every other booth.

However, a video placed about six feet off the ground provides a singularly effective tool for stopping trade show attendees in their tracks. Their eyes are naturally drawn to the screen and the visuals therein. And, thanks to the power of those visuals, they can get a complete message about your company in the few seconds that the average trade show attendee is able to devote to your display.

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2. Garnering Interest in Specific Elements of the Trade Show Exhibit

Videos can also be effective tools for garnering interest in specific elements of the trade show exhibit. For example, a video can advertise an upcoming event (such as a product launch) taking place within the display. Or, it can deliver information about products in a way that engages visitors.


In order to target specific elements of the trade show exhibit, videos can be placed either outside or inside the display. For example, if you want to get people interested in a product launch, you might advertise the event on the outside of your trade show exhibit. However, if you want people to pay attention to a particular service your business offers, you might set up a video presentation within the booth.

Depending on where you place them, videos designed to advertise specific elements of your trade show exhibit can draw in a larger crowd, convince visitors already in the booth to stay for the event, or help to drive interest in your products and services. Plus, because of their visual set up, they are better than text at delivering a captivating message quickly.


3. Communicating the Essence of Your Brand

One of the goals of an effective trade show display is to communicate the essence of a brand to visitors. It must make its benefits, values, and personality immediately clear to potential customers. Otherwise, people will quickly abandon it in favor of trade show exhibits that more clearly demonstrate who they are and what they have to offer to potential customers.


A video can help a trade show exhibit communicate its brand by capturing in a few images what would have taken an entire brochure to discuss in words. A well-constructed video, for example, can incorporate elements such as brand logos and colors, as well as brand values into a presentation of a few seconds. The result is that people get a clear picture of your business that can help them make the decision to come talk to your sales team.

4. Attracting Qualified Leads

Closely related to communicating the essence of a brand is attracting qualified leads. The two go hand-in-hand, because when people understand what your business is about, they can more easily determine whether or not you can help them with their particular needs.


Quality matters as much as, or more than, quantity when it comes to visitors to your trade show exhibit. A 100 people who need what you have to offer is more likely to earn you business than is a crowd of 1,000 people who have no interest in your offering.

As a result, a well-designed video can not only tell trade show attendees what to expect when they walk into your trade show exhibit, but it can also attract people who are more likely to buy from you. The key is to incorporate videos into your trade show booth design that demonstrate what your business can offer attendees.


5. Delivering Information about the Trade Show Exhibit without Requiring Direct Interaction with the Sales Team

Sometimes, a trade show exhibit gets crowded and the sales team cannot talk to everyone individually. At other times, a visitor to the booth might not feel comfortable with a direct conversation with a member of the sales team. In either case, videos provide a valuable service by delivering information about the trade show exhibit without requiring direct interaction with the sales team.


For example, someone who is waiting to talk to your sales team might be able to learn more about your products by watching a short video on the subject. Somebody relaxing in the lounge area while waiting for their phone to charge can still learn about your company. And someone who isn’t quite ready to engage directly with your business can still learn what they need to seek your business out later when they do want to make a purchase.

Using videos in your trade show exhibit has a number of potential benefits. By using videos wisely (i.e. Paying attention to content, length, and placement), you can build a more effective booth that communicates with visitors in a way that they will enjoy, understand, and remember later.

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